Collection: The Serenity Collection

The Serenity collection includes a variety of metaphysical tools all made from honeycomb calcite natural stone that support an array of practices, traditions, and faiths.

Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. Simply placing a Calcite crystal in a room can clear stagnant and negative energies as well as heighten your own energy. Other Calcite properties include:

  • facilitates higher awareness and intuition
  • cleanses physical and subtle bodies
  • amplifies spiritual development and growth
  • connects emotions with intellect
  • restores hope
  • instills motivation
  • energizing
  • calms mind, alleviates stress, brings serenity
  • stimulates insights and boosts memory
  • helps to act on ideas
  • helps to trust self
  • gives strength to overcome obstacles
  • cleanses and balances all of Chakras
  • strengthens immune system