What is Honeycomb Calcite?

Honeycomb Calcite© is a recently discovered natural stone mined exclusively in the state of Utah using an environmentally friendly process. The name “honeycomb calcite” comes from the remarkable honeycomb appearance of some pieces. Honeycomb calcite is heavy, with a density greater than concrete or granite. Characteristics that set this stone apart from other forms of calcite are its color, patterns, crystal structure, translucency, transparency, its ability to accept a high polish, and the fact that it does not fade as readily in sunlight as other forms of calcite. The color ranges from a soft, pale sunshine-lemon yellow to a deep, rich honey-golden amber, depending upon the thickness of the stone. The coloring of the stone is attributed to sulfur deposits at the time of formation. The patterns range from a tight “honey sugar” look of small hexagonal cells grouped close together, to large cell areas that give the appearance of “petrified honey” where cells are at their maximum growth and minimum cell walls appear. The stone is transparent and translucent, offering a soothing glow when illuminated by candles, electric lights, or LEDs.  

Honeycomb Calcite is a positive energy stone. It has a gentle expansive vibration that amplifies energy. Simply placing a piece in a room can clear stagnant and negative energies, as well as heighten your energy.
Additionally, honeycomb calcite is known to:

  • activate Crown and Navel Chakras
  • strengthen intuition
  • excellent for meditation
  • alleviate stress
  • bring serenity
  • facilitate higher awareness and intuition
  • expedite spiritual development and growth
  • connect emotions with intellect
  • instill motivation
  • energize
  • calm mind, alleviate stress and brings serenity
  • stimulate insights and boost memory